Skylotec and Minerva offers the worlds first personal airbag system


Minerva-AS has developed for Skylotec the world’s first sensor based fall airbag protector.


Watch the video in super slow motion. Minerva protects you best !

Minerva-AS has developed with EVOC the world’s first sensor based backpack with an airbag for protection for bicycling. Watch the video. Minerva protects you best !

We have developed the ultimate back protector with optimized protective zones in cooperation with experts in the field of accident and textile research. Our products are sensor guided protectors that prevent fall impact based injuries in industry and sports applications. We can integrate our smart system into your products (sport, heath care, industrial applications etc…) or we can deliver a custom solution based on your needs.

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The BG (workers liability insurance) has 13.138 (2015) registered falls from ladders per year, resulting in 40.000 sick leave days per year.  Because of these staggering numbers, Minerva-AS has developed the perfect personal airbag protector for all applications where conventional PPE products (personal protective equipment) do not work. Such applications are:

·         Working at height without the possibility to secure yourself

·         Working on ladders and scaffolding

·         All work activities at a height between 1 m to 3 m, because most PPE equipment does not work at these heights.

The Minerva-AS airbag is a multiple use system with an easy to replace inflation system. The parts of the inflator can be recycled. The Minerva Inflator, with the Co2 gas cylinder, can be easily changed by the user due to our patented on step connection system. The inflator parts are recycled. It is easy and fast to change the inflator. The Minerva-AS system can be reset within minutes after a test inflation or demonstration.  Fall induced forces, that act on the body, are reduced by > 30% due to the ergonomically shaped Airbag. If a fall is detected, a 25 liter very robust airbag is inflated within mille seconds.


The Minerva-AS System can be worn comfortably due to its light weight of only 950 gr. The electronics are monitoring the battery level throughout the time of use. The Minerva-AS System can be used throughout the entire day without the need of a re-charge. System readiness is indicated by an LED located on the activation system.


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